Detailed Reports

Every inspection I do includes a detailed report that outlines any safety hazards, areas in need of repair, missing components, damaged areas, and items not meeting or exceeding code.  The report includes photos and extensive documentation that comes as a result of my experience and attention to detail.  Below are examples taken from real reports.

The closet rail is bent and does not operate well. 

Smoke detector missing in upper level ceiling. Repair as needed.


 Evidence of past leaking was noted. 



It was observed that some of the mortar around the firebox was failing; have a qualified individual evaluate and repair to avoid possible safety issue.

Hole in drywall caused from door handle. 



There appears to be water damage under sink. This tested dry at the time of the inspection, but monitor for any further intrusion. Signs of old mold growth on the back wall. 

No shut off on any of the water lines. 

Shower valve leaks while operating. Recommend contacting a licensed plumber to repair. Needs to be repaired or replaced.

Toilet loose and may need re-anchoring. 

Disposal is improperly wired with extension cord. 

Drywall appears to falling down. Needs to be repaired before it falls down. 

The dryer vent is missing the exterior cover. 

Recommend review for repair or replacement as necessary. Washer drain lines needs to be repaired to stop the discharge line from pinching. 

Condensation leaking at the heater.

Wires are touching trees, recommend review by the local utility company for repair as necessary.

 Masthead is loose or improperly secured, recommend review by a licensed electrician for repair or replacement as necessary. 

Stove vent terminates into attic. Should be vented outdoors. 

Signs of previous water damage. Possibly from water run off from the front of the homes roof.


Deterioration/ damage of one or more floor joist noted, Recommend review and repair by a Qualified Contractor to evaluate load bearing members.


Unsupported Water supply lines. Also not insulated.


The water heater vent pipe is improperly sealed as it enters the chimney. Deadly C/O gases can enter the living spaces. Recommend sealing the vent pipe properly.


Heat duct supply lies are not insulated or supported.


Moss on roof. This can lead to the premature failure of the roof and subsequent leaks. This roof is at the end of its life expectancy.


The roof valley is deteriorated and showing signs of leakage into the home.


Live knob and tube wiring present. And has been disturbed. Have licensed electrician evaluate.


Heat duct is being supported on live knob and tube wiring. A fire and safety hazard.

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